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The following conditions of use describe your obligations when you use the site www.timecitizen.org, TimeCitizen will be them so-called site or organization. You may also refer to our confidentiality policy, which specifies our obligations and practices toward the personal information you provide to us.

1. Acceptance of Conditions

The web pages available on www.citizen.com and linked pages are held and used by TimeCitizen and are accessible by you by virtue of the condition of uses, described hereunder (“Conditions of Use”).
Please to read such conditions carefully before you TimeCitizen. By acceding to TimeCitizen you accept to be linked by such terms and conditions. If you disagree on all terms and conditions, you can not have access to TimeCitizen, or use the content being offered. The acceptance of TimeCitizen is expressly conditioned by your acceptance of all such terms and conditions.

2. Modifications of Conditions of Use

You can not (i) select or use an identification code or a TimeCitizen user name of another person (ii) use as user or popularized or **** name ID. We reserve the right to suppress or to recover it if we think it is enveloping on the rights of thirds of such trademarks.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your TimeCitizen password.
The creation of series account, even though there is a few legal reasons for the creation of multiple account, may cause termination of accounts.

4. User’s Conduct

As condition of use, you commit yourself to not use TimeCitizen for such illegal or prohibited purposes by such Conditions of Use or by the current laws in the courting you are residing in and/or you use TimeCitizen, or to any such other purpose not provided for TimeCitizen. We respect the rights of others and we are expecting you to do so.
As example, and without limitation, you accept to not:
abuse, haras, threaten, initiate or intimidate other users;
display or transmit any content holding a deformity, obscene, pornographic, injurious, offensive or blasphematory prejudice, or contrary to any law or any night of third, or the content which contains homophobia, ethical insults or religions intolerance;
use the site for illegal or unauthorized purposes. If you are an international user, you are committed to respect and comply with all the local laws related to the online conduct and to acceptable content;
display or transmit any communication or a request designed to the way of obtaining the password, the account or the or private information of whatever uses;
create or subject undesirable e-mails (“spasm”) for any users;
violate your country’s laws (including but without limitation to the copyrights laws);
subject such articles or comments binding the commercial systems;
Except the access to RSS flows, you will not have to use robot, web, scraper or any other automated means to access to the site for such purposes not being authorized in written by us. Moreover, you agree to rat : (i) take any measure which imposes on any imposer and our full discretion an unreasonable or disproportionate obligation on our infrastructure; (ii) hinder or attempt to interfere with the good operation of the site or any activity being conducted on the Site, or (iii) bypass the measures we may use to prevent or to restrict the access to the site;
You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of the Site. TimeCitizen reserves the right but has no obligation; to monitor the disputes between you and other user.

5. Content subjected to or put at disposal for inclusion on the service

By creating and by displaying the content of TimeCitizen, you guarantee that you are in possession of all the rights on the content, and you accept that the content will be consecrated to the public domain by virtue of the Creative Deduction Commons Public Domain, available at http: //creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/10) and that you will not be opposed the use of the content by TimeCitizen in any context. To clarify, the foregoing does not apply to the content of external sites connected with time original presentation.

6. Complaints about intellectual property law

TimeCitizen respects the intellectual property of others. We will quickly process and investigate notices of alleged infringement and take appropriate action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and other applicable laws relating to intellectual property. Upon receipt of notices complying or substantially complying with the DMCA, TimeCitizen may act expeditiously to remove or disable access to any material claimed to be infringing or claimed to be the subject of infringing activity and may act expeditiously to remove or disable access to any reference or link to material or activity that is claimed to be reached. TimeCitizen will terminate access for subscribers and account holders who are repeat offenders.

7. TimeCitizen Confidentiality Policy

We collect only such personal data which are pertinent to the objectives of our web site, which are to permit the users to exchange the minimum of information between themselves in order to more easily assist the persons living in material precariousness. We are not processing your information in a manner which is incompatible with this objected. We receive all information you insert in our site or you furnish by such any other manner. You may select to not furnish to us such information.

8. Responsibility

By acceding to TimeCitizen and by communicating with its users, you accept to not make by whatsoever means the site, the organization, its affiliates, its executives and its employees responsible for any prejudice whatsoever losses, claims of whatever kinds, actions in justice concerning any prejudice (including the bodily injuries and the death) which may occur during or following your interaction with the site, its members, or other persons within the framework of your actions by, with or for the site. As member registered in TimeCitizen, your commit yourself to protest the site, its employees and its executives by obtaining from the persons not directly registered on the site with whom you interact within the framework of your actions in TimeCitizen, to never attack or to follow up by whatever means the site, the organization, its employees and its executives. You are solely responsible for selecting or not selecting its non registered persons, to contact them or not to contact them. Any problem that may occur between TimeCitizen members and/or between the members and not registered persons or even between not registered persons should not be the responsibility of TimeCitizen and you commit yourself to never sue the site and its executives as you commit yourself to clearly communicate to the not registered persons that you are solely responsible for the relationship you establish with them.

9. Limitation of Guarantee

You recognize that TimeCitizen has no control, no right to take any such measures relating those who has access to the Site or to the use of the Services; whatever are the affects that the content may have on you, how you can interpret or use the content, or the action you are able to take fallowing having been exposed to the contest. You release TimeCitizen from any responsibility for having you acquire or not the content through the site or the Services. The Site or the Services may contain, or you direct toward such sites containing such information which certain persons may judge offensive or inappropriate. TimeCitizen will not be held responsible for its information or for the exactness, the respect of the copyright, the legality or the ***** of the information contained in or via the Site or the Services. THE SERVICES, THE CONTENT AND THE SITE ARE FURNISHED “TALE QUALE”, WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER, EXPLICIT OR IMPLICIT ;

10. Liaisons

The Services may furnish, or such thirds may include such liaisons toward other site of World Wide Web or resources. Because TimeCitizen has no control on these sites and resources, you recognize and accept that TimeCitizen is not liable for the contents, advantaging, products or other materials or available on such sites or resource. You recognize and accept that TimeCitizen should not be held liable, directly or indirectly for any damage or loss counsel or personably caused by or in connection with the use or the remedy against such contents, goods or services on or vine such sites or resources.

11. Limitation of Responsibility

In no case, TimeCitizen or its supplies shall be responsible by virtue of this contract, for civil offense or for strict responsibility for negligence or any other law theory toward the site, the service or any such other content. The TimeCitizen registered member commit himself/herself to never sue or seek to sue the TimeCitizen site, the organization, its executives and its employees.

12. Termination

TimeCitizen may terminate or suspend its services to your TimeCitizen account immediately and without a prior notice or responsibility, if TimeCitizen has a reasonable motive to believe that you have breached any of its modes or conditions of Conditions of use. In case of termination of your account, you may simply cease using the services. All the provisions of the Conditions of use, by their nature, should survive to the termination, will survive to the termination, including and without limitation, the provisions on the property, exclusive of guarantee and limitations of responsibilities.

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