How it works

TimeCitizen is a website with the goal of bringing together people that need help, and people that can help.

You can use TimeCitizen in two different ways :

1. Give out some of your time to people in need

You should fill in properly and in the most precise way :

  • Geographic location : This will allow us to select stories that are the closest to your area
  • Aquired skills: Describe the most you can your skills (along with diplomas and work experiences) and also all the other things you think you can help with. This will allow people with needs to find you more easily.

Next, search for the stories that require your skills in an area around you.

2. Ask our community for help

You can write a story about a person or a group of persons in need of any kind of assistance.

While writing the story, try to be very specific about what the person needs without giving out information that might be too personal about this person. It is important that you describe the most efficiently :

  • Geographic location of the story : This will allow us to better target people that might be of help
  • Required skills : You'll make it easier for people that have the skills you need to find you

And since you can always do more...

Browse the stories

Browse the current stories, see what's happening elsewhere in the world, see how some persons have helped other persons, see how they did it, read their profiles even if they are in the opposite side of the earth, even if you can't help! This might eventually :

  • Make you realize you know somebody with the same issue as the story you're reading. Somebody you wouldn't have thought about otherwise
  • Remember somebody you know in that region that might actually be of help, all you have to do is contact him and let him know about TimeCitizen
  • Post a comment if you have something useful to say. A simple encouragement can do miracles!

Invite your friends

In order for TimeCitizen to succeed, we need more people. The more people we have, whether asking for or giving out some of their time, TimeCitizen will have much more chance to achieve its purpose if there are enough members. For that, we have made it as easy as possible to invite your friends and your contacts through social networks.
Just remember, the more we are, the more we can help each other.

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