Ethics Charter

  • I consider that the economic and social solitude is one of the greatest flat uses, suffered often by who lives in material precariousness and I consider that the dignity of human being is indissociable of its integration within a mutual half and solidarity community.
  • I consider the time donation as a substantial accompaniment to get the excluded people suffering from a material precariousness out of their economic and social isolation.
  • The help I give through TimeCitizen to the Beneficiaries is a free of a change, benevolent and generous help and I am not claiming anything as exchange thereof, except my personal satisfaction.
  • As a member of TimeCitizen, I will never accept a remuneration under whatever form of a beneficiary of TimeCitizen or of any other Member.
  • My definition for exclusion and of material precariousness in my locality includes the notion of suffering and frustration and is based on conviction that the access to the same paid services by the Beneficiaries is practically impossible without aggravating the material situation.
  • I commit my self to always see for that TimeCitizen will only be a benefit to such Beneficiaries living in the exclusion and in the material precariousness according to the definition granted to such term by the majority of the Members in my locality.
  • I consider TimeCitizen as a means for reinforcing both the dignity of the Member who gives from his/he time and the dignity of the Beneficiary receiving it.
  • I consider the Beneficiary of TimeCitizen as an actor and not as an object. For that purpose, I will inform him/her of each stage linked to him/her in order to collect his/her opinion and obtain his/her previous agreement. I always be heaving his/her meet, his/her comments and his/her preferences. I will never lie to him/her and never hide to him/her an information concerning him/her I will never above his/her possible human, economic or social fragility. His/her dignity will be protected it defended by me.
  • I refrain as a Member of TimeCitizen from refusing my help and my time to a Beneficiary for reasons of race, religion or political reason or for any other community exclusion reason.
  • As a Member, I will never do proselytism, whether political, religions or other towards another Member, a beneficiary or his/her kin on TimeCitizen site such as during such meetings arising from the activities within the framework of TimeCitizen.
  • I commit myself to behave on a loyal manner toward TimeCitizen and its other Members.
  • I will not use TimeCitizen site in order to prorate such activities or to communicate such messages in opposition to TimeCitizen principles.
  • I accept for other Members as well as for myself the right to withdraw at any time a current file as well as to withdraw myself from TimeCitizen as the Sponsor of a history, I will strive for not abandoning a Beneficiary who did not make a fault with ascertaining that another Member of TimeCitizen would have relayed.
  • I will never put myself in breach to the law of my residence country and/or the country where I integer with TimeCitizen. The laws of the country should prevail on any other consideration.
  • I will communicate no false data or information relating to myself or to any other member. I will not lie as to my competences, qualifications and other qualities communicated in TimeCitizen.
  • I commit myself to defend and presence the anonymity of the beneficiary who are wishing the same.
  • I will report on TimeCitizen the abuses of all Members making a damage for the dignity of other Members of to TimeCitizen ideals.
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